About Tracey

It does say “& Associates” but let’s start with me.

I’m Tracey, a mum of one, dog owner, business owner, frequenter of coffee shops and deli’s, gardener and garden centre addict, writer, thinker of unusual thoughts, unashamed fan of ‘80s indie music, sci-fi fan and geeky board game player.

That list is not exhaustive nor exclusive and is subject to change on a daily basis, as is my coffee order. I am not a creature of habit.

How does my partner describe me? “You are nothing without a deadline!” I can’t deny I love the buzz of leaving things to the last minute but don’t enjoy the stress that accompanies it. Managing that conflict is my own work in progress.

I live on the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border and work from my coaching room in the middle of Long Eaton. My journey to work is usually a steady 8 minutes: a deliberate choice which enables me to effectively juggle my own work/life balance and a far cry from the 1.5 hour journey I had to make twice a day for many years as a senior manager and leader.

In my previous career I worked as a management accountant but realised that you can’t change attitudes, behaviours or the habits of a lifetime with a calculator and a sharp pencil , so I embarked on a substantial career change 10 years ago and now find my work and life is more fulfilling and enjoyable. I still love a good spreadsheet mind you!

These are just a couple of examples of how I have changed my life to reflect my values and my priorities. Being able to support others to achieve similar aspirations is an absolute joy.

If you want to achieve lasting and meaningful change for your life and work keep reading and I’ll do my best to explain how it all works.

How I Work

I am an experienced and qualified executive and performance coach: I also work as a psychotherapist and counsellor. This doesn’t mean I’m going to start asking about your childhood or prying into areas of your life that you prefer to keep private. It does mean I have a depth of understanding about human behaviour which is invaluable in supporting you to change and improve.

Understanding the barriers you face, how your environment and the demands of life impact you and how your history and experiences influence you, means I can offer insight and reflections that may be absent with some other coaches.

I am unashamedly addicted to theory. My work is underpinned by theoretical principles from a wide range of authors, specialists and research. This means I have loads of models and techniques to support your development. I will even throw in principles from my accountancy days, which can be really useful if you’re exploring your strategic direction or making a make or break decision.

We all bring a wealth of skills with us so why not make use of everything in our combined skill sets to support your development.

I also have a code of conduct and a set of ethics. If you’re thinking of working with a coach and they don’t have either then walk away. Coaching is an unregulated profession. You don’t need to be qualified, experienced, supervised or even insured….but I am and I’m proud of the high standards I offer.

What my Clients Say

Most of my clients stay awhile. That means they get to know me quite well and offer feedback which supports my ongoing development.

Their reflections on my work offer real value to me and provide assurance for you that I know what I’m doing. I help people to achieve sustainable change and that’s why they come back whenever there’s a new challenge or something else they want to work on.

Your personal and professional development is a life long journey. If you owned the same car for 30, 40 or 50 years it might just need some maintenance now and again. You might even ask a skilled mechanic for some help to keep it in good running order. You are more valuable than any car so why wouldn’t you maintain your development in the same way.

I love to work with a range of clients but I don’t select the best, the most interesting or the ones who are already on a guaranteed path to success and glory.

I don’t cherry pick my clients, they cherry pick me.

But that’s what I think, so here’s a few words from some of the people I've worked with:

I met with Tracey for a series of coaching sessions. Tracey’s input and approach had a significant impact on my ability to reflect, reframe and manage the situation I was in. Her acknowledgment of the impact of 'emotion' on the ability to process information was insightful. I would certainly recommend Tracey and hope that I shall be able to make further use of her service.

VS – Department Head

I am feeling empowered now that I have a plan!

GS – Service Lead

Tracey is an exceptional coach, mentor and trainer. Her approach is innovative and personal - issues were tackled from a new perspective and encouraged me to think outside the box in a very constructive way. We have accessed several coaching, mentoring and training days for our various teams from Tracey and without exception the delivery has been well executed with measurable results.


Tracey is an excellent coach and mentor. I came to Tracey because I needed some guidance when making some big life decisions. I have a good focus for the future now. I can be flexible and fluid, and seek out the life I want.

HC, Marketing Specialist

Tracey is unusually gifted in that she is not only … innovative and creative, she is also a 'completer-finisher'. This rare combination of qualities are the foundation of her admirable track record.

CC, Consultant Anesthetist

Tracey has a very calm style which puts people at ease. You really feel like you can talk openly with her in the room.

SB, Director

Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for facilitating a wonderful couple of days. It was one of the best training sessions that I have attended in years.

VS, Senior Leader, Derbyshire County Council

So what about those “Associates”

Sometimes I get busy, sometimes I take a holiday and sometimes I might think I’m not the best coach for you.

I have a small number of trusted colleagues to whom I will refer clients if I feel I can’t help. These are fellow independent practitioners who are all qualified, insured, experienced and all round good ‘uns.

When I say Associates I mean just that, they are not my employees and I will not take a fee from them. I will pass them your details, give you their details and leave the rest up to you. I also have Associates who are trained to work in other specific areas such as sales, marketing, HR, health and safety and more. It also means if you have a complex issue I can call upon subject matter experts where necessary. As these are people I use for my business you can be assured of their quality and integrity.

If I can’t help you then I probably know someone who can.


Tracey Hartshorn PGDip

Bridge House
Derby Road
Long Eaton
NG10 1NL

Tel No. : 07931 886575
email : tracey@traceyhartshorn.co.uk