Coaching Programmes

I'm Stuck! Get me out of Here!

Crisis management in coaching form.

I often get enquiries from people who have been hit by one of life’s curve balls.

Redundancy, job loss, demotion and a whole host of life changing experiences. Issues can appear from nowhere. Even a change of manager can leave you feeling like the job you once loved and leapt out of bed for is now not dissimilar to the pit of despair and fills you with dread during every waking moment.

In some instances people are asking for therapy or counselling but sometimes they are just looking for someone with whom they can explore their options and find a way forward.

The focus is on allowing you the space to process the event, gain some reality, explore your options and leave with greater clarity about where you go from here.

I do use my therapeutic skills to support you in this process but the emphasis is on the future. You’re stuck! Let’s get you out of there!

In general a one-off Exploration at Depth is enough to get you out of the pit of despair and in a place where the view is clearer and the air fresher. If you need further support we can contract for some one-off coaching sessions until you’re really clear of the mess.


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