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If type the word ‘resilience’ or ‘resilience management’ into search engine you will find a massive number of programmes all designed to help you achieve resilience.

In my experience most of them offer the same old stuff: eat a balanced diet, build a sleep hygiene routine, make time to relax, take a break, work fewer hours, meditate, practice mindfulness, exercise, pat the dog, take up yoga, buy a CD of calming whale noises, buy a boat, live by the sea and swap your prosecco and/or beer for lovely glass of something green and foamy.

Maybe I’ve exaggerated slightly for effect but many standard resilience offerings provide you guidance and suggestions which are freely available on the internet all packaged together in a nifty workbook for you to take home as a reminder of all the things you are now required to do in order to be resilient.

The problem is resilience isn’t a state to be achieved.

It isn’t something you can acquire on a 1 day course.

It’s a process which requires self-awareness about the things in your life which drain you and those which help you to top up your energy levels so that when life smacks you in the face with a metaphorical curve ball you have a chance to respond.

Maybe you’ll be able to see the ball coming and dodge.

Maybe it’ll knock you flat on your back and leave you winded and dishevelled.

Real resilience mastery enables you to manage the impact of life’s curve balls and take action.

Real resilience mastery enables you to manage the impact of life’s curve balls and take action to get you back on your feet, dust yourself off, shake the grit from your hair and move on. Even if you’re still feeling a bit wobbly and in need of a good shower.

My own unique model of Resilience Mastery offers a much deeper approach which can really help you to understand how to take control of your energy using a simple metaphor: The Water Cooler.

I will guide you through a clear process to determine your personal Resilience Profile. You take ownership of this and build your own Water Coolers ensuring you will be thoroughly hydrated and able to withstand life’s challenges.

You own your Water Coolers and the content. You are responsible for their maintenance.

This is NOT resilience management. This is Resilience Mastery.

Who’s it for?

In all honesty? Everyone!


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