Programme Details & Prices

For a proposal and costs please contact me to arrange an informal free 30 minute conversation to discuss your needs using the contact form or email

A no obligation Discovery session is available where we can talk about you, explore your environment, your needs and some immediate activities to help you. This session can be either face to face at my coaching room or via Zoom and will last approximately 90 minutes.

Discovery Session - £245
Recovery Programme - to be advised
Preventative Programme - to be advised

Executive Support - £495 per month

What: 6 to 12 months of ongoing support to work in-depth on your personal and professional development.

How: 6 and 12 months contracts available. A 2-hour coaching session each month, with notes, models, techniques, challenge, support email and phone contact between sessions.

All the boring but nevertheless important bits

Costs & Payment

All my coaching programmes have set fees and deliverables. All programmes must be paid for prior to delivery. At the time of booking I will contact you to agree a date or schedule of dates and I will then issue a contract and an invoice for payment. When payment is received and your signed contract is returned we’re ready to go.

For those of you who prefer to make quick decisions and move fast all of this can be done during an initial free discussion.

Payment is via BACS transfer.


Yes, I know life gets busy and sometimes our diaries are absolutely manic but this is how I make my living and cancellations, especially at short notice, really hurt. Cashflow for small businesses can be a killer and your late cancellation means I earn nothing for that time.

I have an approach to my business based on mutual respect.

I respect you and the fact that you are paying me for my time.

I ask you to respect me and make a commitment to attend for our agreed coaching session.

This shared commitment supports the coaching process, strengthens the relationship and ensures progress is made more quickly.

Remember those curve balls that life throws your way? Sometimes they will get in the way of an agreed coaching session. All I ask is 5 days notice to cancel or postpone. This gives me time to rearrange my diary and I won’t charge you for the session. If sessions are cancelled or postponed a second time then I charge irrespective of the amount of notice. Does that sound harsh? Coaching is about commitment and without a commitment to meet regularly you won’t make progress. I model the commitment required by being prepared and present for the session and I ask the same of my clients.


I don’t have lengthy terms and conditions of service but I do have a Coaching Contract which I ask clients to sign prior to our work commencing.

I also have a Code of Conduct which gives you details about my ethical approach, supervision arrangements, expectations, outcomes and all stuff that no one ever really reads.

If you would like a copy of either document please let me know and I’ll send you a copy. At the very least it’s a good cure for insomnia!


I generally work from my comfortable coaching room in the centre of Long Eaton. Most clients prefer to get out of their usual environment as the change often prompts a different way of viewing the issues you want to explore.

I also offer coaching online via Zoom, at your place of work or even in your home. This does need to be confidential, free of interruptions and enable you to switch off from all those jobs on your ‘never to do list’! If you’re going to be distracted by the phone, your email, texts, staff, customers, clients, partner, children, dog, cat, housework or the latest news update then my coaching room is the place to choose.


Remember I said I would be honest? There is no guarantee of success with coaching!

Many coaches offer a 100% guarantee of success or your money back. This can be offered because of one common practice whereby the coach actively selects clients who are already successful and show a high drive to achieve. Often these clients will get where they want to go without any support at all but the coach is guaranteed a positive outcome.

As a coach, I value all clients and will work with anyone if I feel I have the skills to support them and if they wish to work with me. There is nothing more flattering and humbling than to be approached by someone who feels completely stuck or overwhelmed with stress because they feel I can help them. I don’t cherry pick my clients, they cherry pick me.

What I will guarantee is that I offer a service which is delivered ethically, by someone who is trained, qualified, experienced, insured and always learning new concepts and models to help you improve. You will be in control of your own development as I support you to get where you want to go.


Tracey Hartshorn PGDip

Bridge House
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Long Eaton
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Tel No. : 07931 886575
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