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Performance Coaching

Performance coaching can be used in two ways:

1. To enhance your performance at work to gain a promotion or a career move.

2. To improve your performance at work to meet your existing targets and objectives.

For those of you who are ambitious and seeking promotion, coaching can really support you to make that happen more quickly. The focus of the work is on you and on the role. If the emphasis is only onone of these aspects then we risk developing you for the wrong role or developing the wrong skills for the right role; either way it’s a mismatch. Both factors need to be explored to ensure you have the right skills and are in the right place for the right role at the right time. Simple! But getting to the top isn’t always that simple and can often involve setbacks, knockdowns and U-turns. This can be supported by having an active approach to your own talent management, which will ensure you:

  • are aware of your strengths and how to maximise them
  • know your growth areas and have a plan for developing these
  • are able to identify the roles and opportunities which will help your career, and
  • be ready to go for it when the time is right

If you’re ambitious enough you might get there anyway through sheer hard work and determination but if you want some help along the way then its available. After all its hard enough as it is, why make it any more difficult?

The world of work cannot be occupied solely by the high flyers. People on the ground are just as essential for success.

Not everyone is on a talent management programme or destined to be the next CEO of a multi-national corporation but this doesn’t mean you want to stand still. Improving your performance can be about being the best you can be in your current role. There is no shame in wanting to be the best at what you do now; it’s a fantastic aspiration.

Performance coaching for you is slightly different: we focus on you rather than on the role. After all if you love what you do then why would you want anything different? Improving you and your skillset will often require training and development outside of the coaching process. We will develop a plan and identify where you need to put your effort for maximum effect.

The goal is very straightforward for ‘being the best’.

You will become THE expert in your field. You will gain followers. People will look at you in awe and admiration. Others will envy the ease with which you work and wonder at how you make it look so easy.

Whoa slow down there! Maybe you’ll just sit there in quiet confidence because you really know your stuff, are able to work with ease and go home every day knowing you’ve done a great job without the stress and anxiety that often accompanies ambition. I said this was a great aspiration!

Performance coaching will look at where you are, where you want to be, explore how to get there, develop a strategy and a plan for you to put into action.

But I want a Whole New Career!

Disclaimer – I am not a career coach. If you want someone to match your skillset and strengths to a list of potential roles or jobs then I’m not the coach for you.

If you are looking at a complete career change then I can still help with a more open exploration of you and your environment. We will look at your strengths, skills, values, likes, must-haves and a good dose of ‘what if’ analysis topped up by a reality check. I even have a nifty spreadsheet which will match your values to any potential job roles you’re considering. This can be done in one Exploration in Depth session or my Excursion Support offering.

A variety of assessments and psychometric tests are available to help you with specific aspects of your coaching.


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