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Executive Coaching

This is aimed specifically at senior leaders, executives and business owners who want ongoing support with managing the multiple challenges faced by those in stressful and high-profile roles. If you hold the reigns of the business, are singularly responsible for success and failure and sometimes feel like every decision rests on your shoulders then you NEED an Expedition Guide.

If you:

  • lead and manage a department, organisation or business unit
  • manage your own business
  • are a leader in a high risk, or high profile role
  • are, or feel like you are, singularly responsible for success and failure

If it often feels like every decision rests on your shoulders then this coaching is for you. It can be hard to admit when you don’t hold all the answers or when you’ve made a mistake. Acknowledging this to your staff, friends and family can feel like failure and weakness. There is a reason most business leaders have coach however and that’s because the ability to talk in complete confidence with someone you trust, enables you to become stronger and more effective as a leader and ultimately more successful in achieving your goals.

A variety of assessments and psychometric tests are available to help you with specific aspects of your coaching but in all honesty, many people at executive level are well aware of their MBTI, DISC, Belbin, Insights colour, Social style, star sign, pet peeve and personal eccentricities. Knowing this stuff is easy, learning how to use it in relationship with others is the hard bit.

If you want to do more work on this then I’m happy to support you but in my view there is no substitute to enhancing your own self-awareness by open exploration in a fluid and effective coaching relationship. Whilst I can, and do, offer one-off sessions for Executive support this is most often used as a precursor to an ongoing coaching relationship.


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