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Conflict Coaching

Let’s talk about conflict.

Come on, I dare you!

No? Alright I’m out of here.

With increasing regularity I find people, in the main, adopt one of two conflict positions:

Competitive or Avoidant

They are either in your face, pushy, aggressive and loud or they back off, evade, avoid and leg it at the earliest opportunity. Based on the work of Thomas/Killman 1 there are times when these conflict modes are useful but we have other options to choose from and that’s where effective conflict coaching really helps.

Based on the work of Thomas/Killman we will explore your preferred, or default, conflict position. Explore the other options available. Identify your areas for improvement and how to work on these.

By using all 5, YES 5!, conflict modes in different situations and identify the modes which others are adopting you can become more effective and confident at managing conflict situations.

I’m not coaching you for a career in mediation, espionage or the diplomatic corp but I can help you become more adept at finding and achieving a win-win solution.

Conflict is inevitable and will happen at some point every day. Whether it’s someone who pushes to the front of the queue or the person who decides to try and make your life a misery.


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