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Authenticity & Interpersonal Skills Coaching

Coaching is really useful for improving how you relate to others. Whether this is how you communicate, your emotional intelligence, presentation skills, managing difficult conversations, chairing meetings, facilitation of groups or even if you want to enhance your own coaching skills.

When we can really be ourselves then building effective relationships with others becomes so much easier. When we have to adapt to be like someone else or how we think we ‘should’ be then building effective relationships becomes hard work. At its worst its like carrying round a suitcase of different outfits and having to do a quick change for each person you are with or for the different situations we find ourselves in.

Wouldn’t it be easier to wear just one outfit? To be our authentic self wherever we go or whoever we are with.

This isn’t the same as the person who says ‘take me as you find me’ as that is often used an excuse for rigidity or even rudeness. True authenticity means we can be ourselves but still be fluid in relationship with others, showing consideration for our needs and theirs with neither being more important than the other.

So how can this be coached?

Fundamentally, coaching is about developing a relationship between two people who are able to build rapport and understanding. The coach uses a variety of skills to enhance the self-awareness of the coachee and create an environment for change. In my experience and through my work as a psychotherapist, I have a deeper understanding of the change that can occur when relationships are truly authentic. This is what I bring to my Authentic Interpersonal Skills coaching.

We will increase your self-awareness which in turn enhances your knowledge of what is authentic for you. The process then supports you to turn this knowledge into behaviours which reflect your authenticity.

Once you can behave in an authentic way you feel more natural, you are no longer having to fake it. You can then feel more confident in how you are as a unique human being and less anxious about what anyone else thinks of you because being you is right no matter what anyone else says or thinks.

Imagine being comfortable with who you are?

Imagine not being fearful or anxious about what anyone else thinks of you?

If this sounds like your aspiration then give me a call. I’ll be your guide and support you through the process, the choice to start the journey is down to you.

This process is supported by a variety of exercises most of which are free of charge. An emotional intelligence assessment is also available at additional cost.


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